Connie Lansberg is a songwriter/jazz artist and author. Connie manages to be both accessible and sophisticated while gracefully traversing folk, pop, and jazz with authenticity and ingenuity. 

Insomnious Volume I - Whistling Away the Dark, is part of an ongoing creative collaboration between Connie and one of Australia’s premier jazz artists, Mark Fitzgibbon.

Each of the songs on ‘Insomnious’ was picked for a very specific reason. Connie says, “Firstly, I wanted only songs of unrequited love or dark melodies such as Whistling Away the Dark, a collaboration between Henry Mancini and Johnny Mercer. I think it’s very Irving Berlin and I’m drawn to that sad Eastern European ethos. I especially love a sad melody with hopeful lyrics. That’s really my stock in trade both as a songwriter and singer. I tool a cinematic approach to each of these songs. I grew up on movies and I see all these stories as little films.”

Her original album, Deep Dark Down & Blue and an accompaniment to her first book The Perfect Tear, will be released later this year. Previously, Connie has placed original songs in globally syndicated Australian television shows. Her jazz ensemble, The Connie Lansberg Quartet, has become a mainstay of the Melbourne jazz scene. At her creative core, Connie is a storyteller. Her songs brim with elegantly expressive melodies, and poetic lyrics. She is inspired as much by Shakespeare as she is by Simon & Garfunkel, Carole King and Patsy Kline.

“Reading and music have always been the most important things to me, and what ties these together in my own work are well-chosen words. The difference is just in the word count,” she says with a good-natured laugh. 

- Connie Lansberg